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Why You Should Live in a Home Before Renovating

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While there are benefits to remodeling a home before you move in, there’s just as many reasons to hold off. It’s time to put down that hammer and get to reading!

Give yourself a break

Congratulations, you’ve completed the song and dance of buying a home! And let’s face it, as smooth as a transaction can be the experience can still leave you (and your bank account) drained. Understand that taking on a home renovation project is no walk in the park. While a contractor may be completing the actual labor for you, often these projects encounter delays and issues. If you’ve seen any HGTV reno series, you’re already aware that this is a common occurrence. If you’re deciding to go the DIY route, just remember that it’s not as easy as it looks. Whichever route you take, it’s not a bad idea to take a beat and give yourself (and your wallet!) a break before diving into another large project.

Get comfortable with the space

When you went house hunting, you probably had an idea of what areas you want to remodel. For many, it’s fun to look at a space and dream about how it can be transformed. But when you live inside a home, you may find that some spaces are more functional than initially thought. Who knows, you may even find that things you thought you could live with are deal breakers.

Planning your renovation

Here’s a big-ticket item that you are given when you live in the home before a reno: the luxury of time to plan. When you’re dreaming up the perfect home, there’s more than just the construction company to consider. What tile will you put in the bathroom? What finishes will you select for the kitchen? You’ll also have extra time to properly vet the vendors you’re thinking about working with.

If you’re still in the early staging of planning your remodel, the world wide web has plenty of resources for you. You can start your research on the visually driven social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest to gather inspiration. And when you’re ready, if you’re in need of a recommended professional, give us a call!

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