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Tips for Moving with Pets

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Moving day has finally arrived, you’ve packed up all your belongings, and you’re ready to go get settled into your new digs. Sparky approaches you wagging his tail, hoping you haven’t packed up his favorite bone quite yet. We’ve gathered some tips to help make the move with your pets a walk in the park!

Tips for Moving with Pets

If possible, try to move all your belongings into your new home before moving your pet. If you are unable to get the home set up beforehand, start by creating a designated area for Sparky. Having a dedicated space for the animal while you are moving can help create stability early on and make the animal feel at ease! If you are arranging large pieces of furniture, going back and forth, in and out of the house, find a room where you can safely keep Sparky. Just be sure to give him water and check on him often!

You can take these precautions a step further and not let your pet out of the kennel (or off the leash) until they have had a chance to see explore the neighborhood with you. Animals are quite smart, but it’s easy for them to get spooked and lost in unfamiliar territory.

Pack a Small Bag

Can’t find the puppy chow? No problem, because you packed an overnight bag! Pack items that you use on an everyday basis with your pet, such as toys, food, or any medicine they need regularly. Keeping these items easily accessible is not only beneficial for your pet, but also for your peace of mind. You won’t want to be digging around in packed boxes during the middle of the night!

Call the Vet

Just as you would transfer important records from your doctor, you’ll want to do the same for your pet. Call up your veterinarian and find out what records and prescriptions you need to have transferred to your new neighborhood vet. Don’t forget to update your address for your tags and microchip as well!

Swimming, Flying, and other Land Friends

Each animal has unique needs, so plan to accommodate for these little guys. Smaller furry friends like guinea pigs have hearts that tend to be more delicate. Use a small carrier that is warm to keep their tiny hearts happy. Moving fish can be challenging as well, and many recommend moving only short distances. When it comes to your flying friends, a carrier is a great idea. Birds who usually sit sweetly on your shoulder can become easily scared during a move. You don’t want to find out the hard way if your bird can’t find its way back to you. Always consult your veterinarian before a move for any additional pet-specific needs.

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