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The Guru of Mailbu: Q&A With Madison Hildebrand

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The Guru of Mailbu: Q&A With Madison Hildebrand

madison hildebrandAlthough you no longer see him closing deals on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles,” it doesn’t mean Madison Hildebrand is just kicking back on the beaches of Malibu.

Far from it.

Out from under the camera’s watchful eye after six seasons on the hit reality show, Hildebrand’s been busy founding the new Malibu office of Partners Trust.

With over $250 million in career sales, Hildebrand knows his way around high-end real estate. He was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about luxury homes, housing trends and whether reality TV is really great for real estate.

Q: What are luxury home buyers insisting on in 2014? What do you think they’ll be insisting on next year?

Madison Hildebrand: They want top amenities, easy-to-manage properties, privacy and views.

Next year, I believe it will be more about tech incorporated into homes—keyless entry, Nest systems and LED color-changing lighting—all controlled by mobile apps.

Q: What are some of the trends you’re seeing in Malibu right now?

MH: We’re seeing more diverse buyers from all over the globe: France, China, Canada and Australia.

Turnkey homes that are priced to sell are usually under contract within 30 days.

Properties that need work and/or that aren’t priced on par with actual value can sit on the market for six months or more if pricing does not change.

Q: You’ve had great success in Malibu. What do you think is the next up and coming area in the L.A. metro?

MH: Venice has been hot for a while. But with all of the new tech companies coming in [to Venice], I think this community will accelerate even faster in the near future.

Q: Do you see any high-end, cutting-edge housing trends filtering out from Southern California to the rest of the country?

MH: The use of green and non-toxic building materials. Everything from xeriscaping to solar panels.

I think this trend will continue to filter into the rest of the country as people become more aware of the options available to them and the impact it can have on their health, the environment and their wallets!

Q: What advice would you give to any first-time home buyer, regardless of location?

MH: Choose a REALTOR® very carefully. Interview several. Complete all your due diligence.

Q: Do you think a show like “Million Dollar Listing” helps educate people about real estate?

MH: Yes, I do! Shows like “MDL” educate and entertain in a number of ways.

It gives a snapshot of how far a buyer’s dollar will go in that particular city with regards to real estate.

I’ve also received positive feedback from fans [who are REALTORS®] who say that they’ve learned tips on negotiating, showing a property and handling tough clients.

Q: Did you enjoy your time on the show? What were the best (and worst) parts of filming your life and work?

MH: I did enjoy being on the show. There were ups and downs, but it was an overall positive experience.

The best part: Six years of my career were documented in history!

The worst part: Six years of my career were documented in history.

Q: Finally, what’s your dream home? What are must-haves in a home for you?

MH: View, absolute privacy, a great garden area and the utmost attention to detail!

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