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South Park San Diego Neighborhood Guide

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Known as San Diego’s “hipster neighborhood,” South Park is one of San Diego’s best neighborhoods for walkability and local businesses. Located in San Diego’s metro area, South Park borders Balboa Park, Burlingame, Golden Hill and Stockton. It is also only quick drive from Downtown and coastal areas. South Park’s real estate is taking off and homes for sale are going off the market in weeks. Learn what makes this hipster neighborhood so inviting to families and young professionals.

The History of South Park San Diego


This charming old San Diego neighborhood has a lot of history to it and even historical spots you can visit. This is an ideal neighborhood for exploring, visiting or living in if you are a history buff. In 1870, South Park was first established as a subdivision by E. Bartlett Webster. After established, the Bartlett Estate Company developed sidewalks, sewer, electricity, water and to begin selling lots and building homes. It was first known as a “high-class residential district”. More development occurred in 1906 after the opening of the East Side and South Park Railway. This linked up with Downtown San Diego using Class 1 Streetcars. These streetcars were used all over San Diego until their retirement in 1939. Their retirement was caused by the Great Depression because they were too expensive to maintain and use.

Historic Buildings in South Park







                                                    Downtown San Diego’s first suburbs included South Park, which is why there is so much history in the neighborhood. One of the historical sites includes 30th and Fern Street. In this area, residents will find three historically significant buildings that date back from 1913 to 1945. Among these includes Fire Station No. 9 which was built in 1913 and was used as so until 1949 and is the oldest surviving fire station in San Diego. The fire station is now currently South Park Fitness. In addition to the fire station is the Rose Grocery Store which was built in 1923 and was used until 1941. Also included is the Burlingame Garage which was used from 1914 to 1945.

These old historic buildings are now home to The Rose, The Sidebar at the Rose, Salon on 30th, Community Realty Co, Gold Leaf, Graffiti Beach Boutique, Edward Jones, Gingerly Wax and The Vishuddha Creatives. There is also an old trolley station that is now converted into Station Tavern & Burgers. These buildings are an example of South Park’s distinct architectural elements and reflect the growth of its urban neighborhood meeting the needs of the commercialism of residents in the area.

What Makes South Park so Unique?

South Park is one of San Diego’s most friendly neighborhoods with a high sense of community. You will find local businesses referring their customers to one another to ensure their customers find what they are looking for. South Park is also a haven for local vendors and restaurants; you won’t find a chain restaurant or store very often here–the Target Express build was controversial enough. You will find over 70 local businesses that take pride in their work and establishing their brand for their neighborhood.

Almost all business has an open door policy for pets making this one of San Diego’s most pet-friendly neighborhoods. If you have a dog, you can expect to be allowed to bring them into almost any store or restaurant in South Park. Business owners love getting to know their customers on a personal basis and will offer you over the top customer service, much like we do as South Park REALTORS®.

south park walkabout

Events in South Park

Another aspect that makes South Park so unique is their regular community events. Among these events includes the Walkabouts which happen every season. During their winter walkabout, there is a tree lighting ceremony and festive holiday lights line the streets. The walkabouts include local shops and restaurants selling their goods, events, live music and more. There is also the Old House Fair where people can tour old homes in the area and there is a street-wide festival that highlights local businesses and celebrates the historical homes that reside here. Lastly, is the annual Taste of South Park where residents can grab a bite from their next favorite restaurant in South Park.

Shopping and Restaurants in South Park

As stated before, South Park is home to over 70 local businesses. You can expect to find food of all varieties. This includes authentic Italian food at Piacere Mio, delicious coffee and acai bowls at Captain Kirks, or comforting breakfast food at Big Kitchen Café. There are also lots of great shops for handmade goods, clothing, home goods and gifts at stores like the Graffiti Beach Boutique, Gold Leaf and Bad Madge and Company. Don’t worry, there is also nightlife options at their several bars. This includes the local brewery, South Park Brewing Company where you can find your next favorite craft beer. Hamilton’s Tavern is also a great option if you’re into dive bars and a large variety of local beers on tap.

Schools in South Park San Diego

Being such a small community, South Park is only home to two schools in the neighborhood. Amongst these schools is the well-known Albert Einstein Academy Charter School. This school ranks high on greatschools.org with a total of 8/10. One of the things that makes this school so unique is that it has a language immersion program where students will learn half of their lessons in German. Recently, they began offering Spanish immersion as well. You can expect your child to leave the school speaking another language fluently.  Located in the San Diego Unified School District nearby is Golden Hill Elementary School, Roosevelt International Middle School and San Diego High School of International Studies. Each school possesses a high ranking. Del Cerro is another neighborhood with high school rankings. Learn more in our Del Cerro neighborhood guide.

South Park Demographics

Population (via City-Data): 6,949

Estimated Median House Value in November 2018 (via SDAR): $460,000

Estimated Median Condo/Detached House Value in November 2017 (via SDAR): $324,495

Median Gross Rent 2015 (via City-Data): $1,366

Real Estate in South Park San Diego

South Park Homes for Sale

The housing demand is high in South Park San Diego which is why you need experienced REALTORS® who live in the neighborhood and know the community. Mike and Jessica Wolf currently reside in South Park and love helping clients buy or sell their home in South Park, as they love their current community. People who enjoy walkability and local businesses are flocking to the neighborhood to buy the beautiful and old style houses including Victorian homes, craftsman houses, and Spanish revival homes. If you enjoy these unique housing styles and are trying to stay away from your typical San Diego suburb, South Park is a great neighborhood to raise a family in and a hot real estate market to invest in. Contact the Wolf Team to find out how we can help you buy or sell your home in South Park.

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