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Six Ways Busy Parents Can Get Through a House Sale

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When selling your home, things can often seem overwhelming. Add children into the mix, and we may find it much more difficult to balance things for showings. Thankfully, with the right prep, you can get your property on the market without any added stress.

Tend Your Garden

The first thing potential buyers will see is the outside of your home, so you need to ensure that everything — including your paint job and yard — looks immaculate. If possible, have a weekend dedicated for your family to spend quality time planting flowers to add color and putting out mulch to prevent weeds and ease maintenance. To keep everything attractive, use a color theme to avoid clashing hues. Likewise, if you don’t have a green space, potted plants are a good addition to any driveway and can nicely frame the front door.

Make It Neutral

One of the most important changes you can make is to give your home a neutral color theme for showings. Not only can it help ensure a quicker sale, but you’ll also increase your property’s value, too. Neutrals can transform your house into a blank canvass that someone else can imprint their vision on. However, that doesn’t mean boring or lifeless, as you could choose light grays or off-whites if you dislike beige. It will instantly add a modern yet timeless touch, and it can be complemented with colorful accent pieces, such as bright throw rugs, pillows, and decorative hand towels in the bathroom.

Declutter Together

This may be the most difficult step, especially for children, which is why they should be involved throughout the process when it comes to their rooms. No matter how you’re feeling, keep your language positive as you go through their spaces to pack and declutter with them. So, to ease their transition, reassure them that they’re helping others by donating and to not feel guilty about letting toys go. As for yourself, find enough time to work through the rest of the house. Don’t be brutal, but with that in mind, get rid of duplicate items, as well as anything that is expired, and put out-of-season clothes into storage to maximize closet space.

Maximize Storage

Even after decluttering, if things still look tight, then it’s time to add storage options. For instance, you can add shallow shelving behind the bathroom door to organize cleaning supplies and toiletries, or shelving up high for stuff you don’t use frequently but can’t get rid of. Another way to add storage is to create an over-the-door bookshelf, which brings a touch of style while also offering a place to display knick-knacks you can’t be without.

Stage Your Property

Something to consider doing before putting your house on the market is bringing in a professional stager, should your budget permit. While hiring one does cost approximately $988 on average, the price is worth it. They know exactly how to make a home appear tidy and how to maximize space by arranging furniture and using light. Best of all, a professionally staged home usually sells 90 percent faster compared to non-staged listings.

Get Things Clean

Keeping the home clean can be a challenge at the best of times, but add in the chaos of open houses and last-minute showings, and you may find yourself struggling. Thankfully, you can stay on top of matters by applying a few rules around the home. Take, for example, how kids love to leave toys and school stuff lying around. Instead, make it a policy for them to clean up every evening so that nothing is left behind. However, if they’re good about cleaning, have everyone pick up one item when they leave a room and put it back where it belongs.

The power of teamwork cannot be overstated. Get the kids involved where you can, and bring in help when you need it. With enough hands on deck, you can make selling that much easier.

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