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San Diego Winter Home Prep

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It’s officially October and San Diego has finally seen a dip in temperatures. It’s a great time to start thinking of ways to protect your home from the small bouts of weather that will come to visit us over the next few months.

Check Alarms

This is an easy one that should be checked twice a year. If you find yourself forgetting, give yourself a reminder to do so each time change. Check the batteries on your current smoke and carbon dioxide alarms. If your device is around a decade old, it’s a good idea to replace the thing altogether.


Don’t forget to carefully inspect the windows and doors in your home. Cracks in the seals around the house can make it more difficult for your thermostat to regulate temperature, causing your electric bill to creep up. And when the rain does decide to come around, you’ll be happy that it’s on the outside and not in your living room.

Adjust Water Schedule

Depending on what type of greenery surrounds your home, chances are you can reduce the amount water you are using. You might even be able to stop watering until spring. Take the time to do a little research to see what specific varietals of plants are in your yard and what amount of water they need during cooler times of the year. Give your local watering regulations a read as well.

Check Your Gutters

The last thing you want is rain sitting in your gutters, overflowing and damaging the walls of your home. Clear them of debris and flush them out with water. This will not only make sure they’re empty and ready to divert water safely, but also show where any possible leaks are located.

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