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Sacramento Stunner: Record Price in California Capital

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Sacramento Stunner: Record Price in California Capital


While multimillion-dollar sales are commonplace in many areas of CaliforniaAtherton, Beverly Hills and San Francisco, to name just a few locales with median prices well over seven figures—the state’s capital city is behind the curve when it comes to million-dollar listings.

Sacramento is the seat of the Golden State’s political power, but it’s never had a house compelling enough to make a person leap out of their seat.

That’s changed with a modern stunner listed for an eyebrow-raising $6.5 million. If the house sells for its asking price, it would shatter the Sacramento record. According to listing agent Annette Black, the current mark for highest sale price in the city is $4.75 million.

But what do you get beyond the satisfaction in knowing that you’re living in the priciest home in the entire county?

Well, the home was designed by renowned architect Peter Q. Bohlin, who also can put Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ personal home in Medina, WA, on his résumé. And although he is not a household name, you’ve likely walked through one of Bohlin’s designs if you’ve visited an Apple Store in a major metropolis.

His work for Apple was described in New York Times as “sleek, transparent, inviting, technologically advanced—and expensive.”

When we spoke with Black about her listing, she touched on many of those same concepts.

“All the floor surfaces of the home’s ground level extend into the outdoor space,” she said. “When you walk in all you see is glass and it creates a seamless blend of indoors and outdoors. It’s warm, comfortable, and inviting—you truly get a spectacular feeling when you enter the home.”

Completed in 2011, the 12,800-square-foot home is spread over three levels and features five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. And although the home is huge, it doesn’t give off an overstuffed McMansion vibe thanks to its clean lines and wide open spaces.

“The home is simple,” Black said. “It’s made up of only four elements: wood, steel, stone and glass.”

Other notable features of the home include a 1,000-square-foot guest home, a huge two-story wine cellar and a security room.

And because Sacramento isn’t home to thousands of multi-millionaires, the local buyer pool is a bit shallow. The agent thinks the home’s buyer could eventually emerge from out of state or even overseas.

If it does turn out to be a local buyer, Black bets they’ll have a connection to the city’s new arena slated to open in 2016, home to the NBA’s Kings.

Whoever steps up to purchase this record-setting property, they’ll be tasked with preserving its beauty and integrity.

“It’s really a piece of modern art,” Black stated. “That’s how I can best describe it.”

We wouldn’t dare to argue.

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