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Remodeling Your South Park Backyard

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So you’re gearing up to finally update that South Park backyard of yours. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Do Your Research

This is the fun part! Before you turn even one trowel of dirt, get a clear vision on how you want your South Park backyard to look. Hop on Pinterest and browse Instagram to start gathering inspiration photos, noting what you like about design and function.

Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, a clear vision will help keep you organized and on track to a beautiful backyard.

South Park Backyard


That giant ball of flame in the sky should be your first consideration when planning to remodel your South Park backyard. Look around at your property’s existing buildings and greenery. Any factors that are out of your control need to be addressed in your planning.

Do your neighbors have a structure or redwood grove that blocks a majority of your sunlight? Then maybe a lounge-in-the-sun style patio isn’t the best way to utilize the space.

Next you’ll want to address the style of lighting at night. Do you plan on cozy snuggling around a firepit, or do you want something a bit brighter with stringed lights? Either way, it’s best to make a checklist with your dreams for of the space and plan accordingly.


Here in South Park, we’re lucky to have beautiful weather year-round. We don’t get bogged down by heavy weather or snowstorms, so thankfully your patio furniture won’t have to be covered up for half the year.

But we do get hit by the occasional winter rains, so planning for some sort of storage in your South Park backyard is a good idea—somewhere to store your furniture covers and to hide those couch cushions.


Forgetting about your new yard’s electricity and utility needs until after construction and planting can be quite a pain (and expensive), so you don’t want to miss this step.

Account for the right number of electrical outlets and other utilities like gas and water lines, and get them in while the yards already dug up. Even if you aren’t installing a BBQ or wet bar at the moment, you’ll have the option to do so later down the road.

South Park Backyard

Think Long Term

Sure you’re never going to sell this house, it’s your forever home right? Regardless, it might be wise to think long term when it comes to investing in your South Park backyard. How will a potential buyer in the future perceive your improvements today? Are you over improving for the neighborhood? Is it wise to spend a little bit more to get higher, long-term positive results?

These are the things that most people gloss over and kick themselves in the future for not giving to consideration at the necessary time.

Consider Hiring a Professional

For a small fee, a professional landscape designer or a higher end landscape contractor can be very informative in terms of your project. If you have big aspirations it may make sense to have a professional guide you through the process.

The Wolf Team

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