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Personal Items to Remove When Showing Your Home

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The process of selling real estate comes with a sizeable checklist, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and forget the small details. Today we’re offering a roundup of important personal items to remove when showing your home. Even if some sound like common sense, grab your pen and paper and get started on your checklist!


Remove Personal Documents

Remove mail and other paperwork that contains any sensitive information. Often your house will be shown without you present, especially if you are currently living elsewhere, and unoccupied houses for sale can also attract burglars. Don’t just hide papers in a drawer — expect that potential buyers may open your furniture, and that they may be tempted to take more than a casual peek. Protect yourself against identity theft.


Remove Smoking Paraphernalia

Evidence of smoking can be the warning sign for a can of worms that many buyers do not want to deal with. Even if you know that you’ve never smoked inside the house, you run the risk that the buyer might not take your word for it. If you do smoke, hide ashtrays and other evidence, and try to not smoke on the property while selling your home.


Remove Pet Items

While many people love animals, there are just as many who aren’t fans of them — or the potential damage or residue implied by residential pets. When showing your property, it’s a good idea to take pets offsite, along with their bedding, dishes, leashes, and other pet-specific items. Additionally, pet owners often become nose-blind to certain odors. Ask your agent or a friend to give you an honest assessment of your home’s scents.

Remove Extra Fans and Heaters

If weather permits, remove any extra heaters and fans from living areas. They may signal buyers that your air conditioner or heating doesn’t function efficiently. Also make sure to not leave any ear plugs near the bed, as this can suggest that the house suffers from noise pollution at night.

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