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Neighborhoods in San Diego Similar to Del Cerro

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When shopping for your new home, you might prefer some neighborhoods over others. This may be due to the schools, close proximity to shopping and restaurants, or perhaps even the vibe that the neighborhood gives you. Whatever the reason may be, we can help you find the perfect neighborhood for you and your family. If you like Del Cerro but it might be out of your budget, here is a list of neighborhoods in San Diego similar to Del Cerro, San Diego.

Neighborhoods in San Diego Similar to Del Cerro

Allied Gardens/San Carlos

Neighboring Del Cerro, both Allied Gardens and San Carlos are similar neighborhoods to Del Cerro. They each have high ranking schools, similar demographics and the suburban feel that comes with living in Del Cerro. If you currently live in Del Cerro and you are searching for a new home to move to, staying in close proximity to Del Cerro will allow for an easier transition for moving and you will find that all of the neighborhoods are quite similar with each other. This means if you currently live in Del Cerro and you are thinking of looking to see what’s out there but you want to stay in your area, don’t limit yourself to just Del Cerro alone. There are plenty of neighborhoods in San Diego similar to Del Cerro.

Mt. Helix

Also close in range to Del Cerro, Mt. Helix is a beautiful area to live in. Surrounded by rolling hills, Mt. Helix also offers highly ranked schools, a sense of community, and a variety of housing choices. Mt. Helix is nearby La Mesa Village so you are still in close proximity to shopping and restaurants if that is important for you. You will also find that housing in the area is in a similar price range as Del Cerro.


If you are trying to move further west during your house hunt in order to be closer to work, Clairemont might be the right option for you. Clairemont offers almost everything you love about Del Cerro, the high ranking schools, beautiful scenery and the nice suburb vibe, but it’s further west, making you closer to San Diego’s central spots and attractions like Downtown, the metro area, and even the beach. Although the median sales price is a bit higher in Clairemont than Del Cerro, living here might shorten your commute and give you a shorter travel time to some of San Diego’s most exciting amenities.

La Mesa

Neighborhoods in San Diego Similar to Del Cerro

Also bordering Del Cerro, you will find that La Mesa is also similar to Del Cerro. Although housing in La Mesa is a bit older than in Del Cerro, the median sales price is less than it is in Del Cerro. More affordable housing can allow you some extra room in your budget for other things like after-school activities for kids, or even vacations. You could even buy a fixer-upper and make the house your own with renovations. The possibilities are endless with more affordable housing in La Mesa. You can also find more of a city-life vibe with the La Mesa village if that is something you want in your future neighborhood. There are lots of shops and restaurants to enjoy in La Mesa.


Just North West of Del Cerro lies Tierrasanta, another suburban neighborhood filled with newer housing, highly ranked schools, and low crime rates. Although Tierrasanta’s median housing sales price is a bit higher than Del Cerro, Tierrasanta is a quiet neighborhood you might find just as enjoyable as Del Cerro if you are broadening your search for housing.

Scripps Ranch

If you are interested in moving north for your new home, you should consider moving to Scripps Ranch area. Like Del Cerro, Scripps Ranch also offers high ranked schools, lots of housing and it’s close to central locations like Mira Mesa (where tons of jobs are). Scripps Ranch has more expensive housing than Del Cerro, but is filled with unique eucalyptus trees and newer developments. You can find a variety of housing options from small condos to large mansions in the hills.


Neighborhoods in San Diego Similar to Del Cerro

If you are willing to go a bit more East of San Diego, Santee is also another great alternative to living in Del Cerro. Santee housing median sales prices are also a bit lower than Del Cerro, giving you more bang for your buck. This area also offers highly ranked schools, a low crime rate, and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy in your free time. Santee is a newer developed city so it offers newer housing options like you would find in Del Cerro. It is also home to lots of shopping and restaurants, so you never have to travel more than ten minutes to find a store or place to eat.


Close to hiking trails, lakes and high ranked schools, Poway is a go-to neighborhood for families looking to move out of the metro area and to a suburban neighborhood to raise their family. Although the housing prices are a bit higher in Poway, many San Diego residents are flocking to this area. According to niche.com, the Poway Unified School District currently ranks #2 for top school districts in San Diego. Many families see this and want their children to succeed in school which is why the area is so popular.


If you aren’t worried about your commute, or you are flexible about your future location, East Lake is also a great option in comparison to Del Cerro. Eastlake is a newer development of Chula Vista and San Diego. Median sales prices are lower than Del Cerro, and since it is such a new development, there is lots of inventory in housing and brand new homes. The schools in this area also rank well. If you are okay with the area, this is a smart option for any homebuyers looking for a nice spot to live in and it is one of the San Diego neighborhoods similar to Del Cerro.

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