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Items to Not Pack Away When Moving

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If you’re gearing up to move, you may feel like you have a thousand checklists to balance. When it comes time to pack, you may be wonder what items to leave to the very end. Here’s some things you should throw in your grab bag!


We’ve all been there. A pounding headache, much to do, and no pain reliever in sight. But it won’t happen again…at least not to you! Aside from any necessary medication you may take, grab some of the basics to hold you over until you’re unpacked. Allergy medication, eye drops, and band aids are a good place to start, just to name a few.

We bet you’d be sad to realize you packed away your toothbrush. It may be worth grabbing an extra set.  Moving may be the best time to pause your 10-step beauty care regimen (or not, depending on just how much you value self-care). Either way, the idea here is to consolidate what products you use most often and pack up the rest. Don’t forget to grab your towels either.

Tech Chargers

Moving is stressful enough as it is. A dead laptop when you must send a work email, or a dead cellphone when you need to order pizza can drive you crazy. Especially if two people are trying to share one charger. Your grab bag should include chargers for all commonly used tech items. If you have little ones, don’t forget they have their own handheld devices to charge up.

Children and Pet Needs

Speaking of little ones, don’t pack away their most prized possessions. Any blankets or toys that make them feel at ease will come in handy during this process. They’ll be in unfamiliar territory, so it’s helpful to have their favorite things available right at hand so you can quickly setup a dedicated space for them in your new digs.

The same goes for your pets as well. They are sensitive to space changes too, sometimes even more so than children. Pick a room that preferably has a door that you can shut. While you don’t want to leave them unattended for hours on end while you unpack, ensuring that your pet doesn’t bolt away will be important until they learn their way around the new neighborhood.

The Wolf Team

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