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If You’re a Senior Downsizing in San Diego, You Need These Helpful Tips

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When you’re thinking about downsizing during retirement, there’s a lot you need to consider. Missing a minor detail can be enough to cause any downsizing senior added stress, which is why it’s extremely helpful to plan out a downsizing move ahead of time. However, knowing where to start with that planning can be confusing as well. So, before you downsize and move to a smaller San Diego home, make sure you read through these vital planning tips.

Determine Your Downsizing Budget

Many seniors downsize to reduce their expenses, but it’s important to know how much downsizing to a smaller home will initially cost you. For example, if the home you choose needs accessibility upgrades, such as modifications to make bathrooms safer, you will need to factor the cost of these home improvements into your overall downsizing budget. Now, keep in mind that if you need help paying for modifications, you may be able to use grants, loans, or other benefits to offset those expenses and keep the costs of relocating low. Even with these special programs to help out with home repairs and accessibility changes, you may still need to consider other costs associated with your move, such as meals or tips for professional movers.

Find Your Perfect New Neighborhood

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, so why buy a home for your golden years without doing the same thing? You can rent a local vacation home to test out different locations in your preferred city and determine which home features will help improve your quality of life. As Turnkey points out, in San Diego, there over 70 miles of coastline and year-round temps around 70 degrees that will make just about any neighborhood perfect for seniors, and you should be able to find vacation homes to help you explore the area. San Diego also ranks as one of the top California destinations for retirees, with plenty of resources and activities. As you test out different homes and neighborhoods around San Diego, be sure to look for senior-friendly features that will make your golden year home much more comfortable.

Declutter and Clean Your Current Home

Before you move into a smaller home, you likely need to sell your old home. Taking care of some basic staging steps, such as decluttering and deep cleaning, can help your home sell faster so you can move on to the other tasks on your downsizing lists. You can use a decluttering guide to take the stress out of cleaning out your home, especially if you have many years’ worth of clutter in your home. If you do have a ton of things to sort through before your move, and you have the time, plan a schedule that will allow you to work slowly. Plus, you will have time to find ways to save on storage, if you need a storage unit to temporarily keep the items you’re not quite ready to toss out or give away to local charities.

Secure and Settle into Your Downsized Home

By now, many of the hard tasks are over, and you may be ready to buy a new home. Even if you’ve purchased a home in the past, it can help to refresh yourself on home-buying basics before you begin making offers on a new home. You will want to connect with an experienced local realtor to find the best senior-friendly homes in San Diego, and you should also make sure you are pre-approved for a home loan. Armed with these tips, you can make buying your new home a simple process so you can begin enjoying retirement sooner.

Downsizing and finding the perfect home for your golden years doesn’t need to be stressful. So, if you plan on relocating to San Diego during retirement, be sure to keep this guide handy to help you plan each step in the process and avoid some common downsizing mistakes. Most importantly, be sure to connect with an experienced local realtor at the beginning of your search so you can make finding that perfect golden year home even less of a hassle.

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