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How To Stage Your Home While Still Living In It

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Let’s face it, with the internet readily available at your fingertips home buyers can make a snap judgment about your home–without ever stepping inside. That means you need to put your homes best foot forward before the listing makes its debut on the world wide web. So, how do you make that happen? Through staging!

Though an important part of the home selling process, staging your entire home isn’t always in the realm of possibilities for everyone. But some light lifestyle changes can help make a big difference. Here are some ways you can present your home while still feeling comfortable in your own digs.

Get (Un)Personal

Stashing away personal items may seem a little weird. Everyone knows that real people live inside the home, don’t they? Well, all those photos of your family around the home may keep a potential buyer from envisioning their own family in the space. A little picture frame here and there is acceptable. Not to mention, you’ll have some of your belongings packed and ready to go when the home sells!


Do you like to leave miscellaneous cooking utensils on the kitchen counter? How about your beauty products on the bathroom sink? While easy access to everyday items may be important to your lifestyle, they can appear as distracting clutter to those who don’t (and, let’s be honest, do) live with you. Do everything you can to keep the clutter to a minimum not only for photos sake, but also for showing appointments.


Maybe you can’t remove certain pieces of furniture due to some sort of necessity. And if you are going to have to live in the home until it’s sold, then it should still serve the functions and needs you have. At the very least, make sure a room is best arranged for balance of the space. You can always move the furniture back to how you need it once photos have been captured.

Freshen up

Lastly, a touchup on paint can go a long way. Stick with light neutral colors as they appeal to a wide variety of buyers and can help make a room look larger. No one likes dirty walls! And while we’re on the topic of dirty, be sure to give the house a scrub and eliminate any odors.

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