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How to Make Your Home Feel Larger

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Small spaces can provide you with a streamlined lifestyle, if you are prepared for it! Here are some ways to help your small digs still feel comfortable.


Yep, sometimes you just have to let go of some things. And that’s okay! Whether you’re trying to declutter your living space or simply out of storage space, take this opportunity to reduce, and donate extra clothes and knicknacks to friends and family. If they don’t take your unwanted belongings, there are services throughout San Diego (like Father Joe’s Villages) that will come directly to you to collect donations. Your small space will thank you, and you’ll do some good for your community. Don’t forget to grab your tax-deductible donation receipt.


Clutter is the ultimate enemy in a small space, so you’ll need to consider smart storage options. Keep your eyes open for furniture that doubles as storage, like an ottoman or bench seating that opens for storage. And while it may seem like a no-brainer, don’t forget that containers under your bed or couch can be a real help!

Paint Colors

Color plays a large part in the feel of a space. Lean towards lighter, neutral colors on the walls, including the ceiling, to help the room feel expansive. The brightness of lighter colors such as white and cream can trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it really is.

Maybe a clean streamlined look isn’t your style? If you are more of the eclectic type who needs pops of color throughout, than the accessories department is your time to shine. Utilize fun printed pillows or blanket throws to put a bit of your own personality into the space. While your walls may be white, you can still hang fun pieces of art to bring more life into the room.

Time to Upsize

But at the end of the day, sometimes a space is just too small to serve your needs. And when that happens, give us a ring! You can reach us at 858-722-6847, or use our contact form. Whether you need more space for your gatherings or your growing family, we’re happy to help.


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