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How to host the best virtual happy hour

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This weeks blog was to center around the best North Park happy hours. And while that is certainly still a worthy topic, we decided to focus on something you can do this week with your friends and family. Check out our tips for how to host the best virtual happy hour!

Choose a Platform

There are many online platforms to pick from to host your virtual happy hour. If you’re not a fan of FaceTime (or maybe all your friends don’t have iPhones) consider Zoom. Zoom has become the go-to for computer meetings so there’s good chance your friends have this free software. Typically there is a 40 minute limit on meetings but for the time being, the platform is waiving the first two meeting time-limits.

Pick a Theme

Have you been dying to go out wearing your finest silks or suited up? Maybe you had a costume party that was cancelled? No worries! This is a great time to use your creativity. Pick a theme and tell your friends. Maybe you show up to each virtual happy hour in a random, wild getup.

Play An Online Board Game

While you’re at it, why don’t you pick a board game to play? Harness the power of all technology available to you! For the more casual computer user, try something like Words With Friends. If this isn’t your first gaming rodeo, maybe it’s time you finally buy that online subscription for your Nintendo Switch, or finally make the time to play that game you’ve been wanting to try. You’ve got the time, so why not! You know, after you’ve finished all that yard work.

Make your Favorite Cocktail

This is a great time to play at home bartender! Another plus? Saving a cool $8-$12 bucks on each beverage. Alcohol not your style? Mocktails are a great alternative to soda. Try sparkling water with muddled fresh fruit for a refreshing easy drink.


This one might be a little bit more complicated (and require more alcohol) but it’s still possible! You’ll have to take turns with one star singer at a time (there is often a minimum of a 1-2 second delay when streaming). Search for your favorite song on YouTube and add “karaoke” after. Chances are there is an instrumental version with the words that you can use.

The Wolf Team

Through these uncertain times, we’re still here to help with your real estate needs. Have questions? Give us a call. Not sure if it’s time for you to buy a home? Let’s have a virtual meeting. You can reach us at 858-722-6847 or use our contact form. Stay healthy!

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