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Everything You Need to Know About Schools in San Carlos

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If you’re thinking about moving somewhere new in San Diego to be closer to good schools and more affordable housing, San Carlos is a great area to consider! With plenty of things to do, parks, restaurants and high ranking schools, San Carlos is an ideal neighborhood to live in San Diego. We know that a lot of our clients move to the area for the high ranking schools which is why we wanted to give some more information about the different schools in the area. Discover what makes these schools rank so high compared to other schools in San Diego. Once you’re ready to move, the Wolf Real Estate Team is here to help you sell your home and buy your next one.

Green Elementary School – San Carlos

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One of two elementary schools in San Carlos, Green Elementary scores a 9 on Great Schools and an A- on Niche. It currently has 492 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade and a student to teacher ratio of 26:1. At least 75% of students are proficient in math and at least 74% are proficient in reading which is good news! Not only does Green Elementary seem to teach their students well, but they are diverse. On Niche, they received an A+ grade for student diversity, A- for academics and A- for teachers. Great Schools also hands out some great reviews for Green Elementary. Their academics scored a 10/10 for test scores which is above the state average!

Green Elementary not only offers a great education but plenty of opportunities for children to excel in more areas. They offer the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education Program) to challenge students who might be faster learners than others. The Gate program helps motivate these young learners to think in new ways and to challenge them with advanced learning. Students can choose to test into the GATE program in 2nd grade.

Green Elementary also offers a variety of physical education like gymnastics, dance, a junior Olympics, running and various sports. In addition, those in grades 3 through 5 can take a CPR class to become certified. They also offer English learner programs as well as art classes, choral music, instrumental music and plenty of after-school programs to choose from. You can learn more here.

Dailard Elementary School

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Like Green Elementary, Dailard also displays high rankings across the board. Rated as an 8 on Great Schools and an A- on Niche, Dailard is a great option for your child. They have about 552 students enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade with a student to teacher ratio of 26:1. About 73% of students are proficient in math while 78% are proficient at reading. Dailard has a grade of A- for diversity as well as an A- for teachers and academics. On Great Schools, their test scores section scored a 9/10 which is well above the state average.

Dailard Elementary offers a variety of after-school activities to get your child involved and to practice sports and hobbies. Some of the programs include a chess club, dance club, robotics club, golf, jump rope, Spanish, and even a garden club! Students can even go to the local San Carlos Library Monday through Thursdays to receive help from free tutors and volunteers. There is also access to school supplies, computers, online research tools and other digital resources. Learn more about Dailard Elementary here.

Patrick Henry High School

schools in san carlos

High school is the most important level of education in your child’s life because it helps prepare them for college! Patrick Henry High School ranks at a 9 on Great Schools and an A on Niche. Patrick Henry High School in San Carlos has about 2,384 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12 and a student to teacher ratio of 25:1. Test scores indicate that 52% of students are proficient at math while 76% are proficient at reading. The average graduation rate for Patrick Henry High School is 98%! Around 31% of the students are enrolled in AP classes. In addition, the average SAT score is 1180 and the average ACT score is 27. Most students graduate to attend San Diego State University, UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles and other high ranked California colleges.

Patrick Henry High School offers a variety of electives, after-school programs and information to help their students succeed both in high school and in their future education and professional lives. They were named one of the most challenging high schools in America.

To help your child find their niche, the variety of electives can help your child find their true passion in life. Some of the electives include art, ceramics, graphic design, painting, film, photography, computer science, theater, engineering, journalism, music, ROTC, publications, psychology and so much more! A lot of these electives are AP classes that can help your child gain college credit and help their college applications stand apart from the rest.

Students can also get involved with clubs, sports, and even community service. The school also offers guidance with the entire college application process including scholarships and the overall planning for college. This can be very helpful for families who are new to the process or need some guidance along the way. Patrick Henry High School is a great option for your child to get prepared for college in a public school setting. You can learn more about this San Carlos high school here.

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