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San Carlos San Diego Neighborhood Guide

Bordering Del Cerro, Allied Gardens, Tierrasanta, Santee and El Cajon is San Carlos San Carlos is one of San Diego’s top neighborhoods to raise a family in. The Wolf Real Estate Team recognizes San Carlos as being a prime location for families looking to move to the San Diego suburbs for more affordable housing, high ranked schools, and low criminal activity neighborhoods. Continue reading to find out if you should buy a home in San Carlos.

San Carlos Neighborhood Overview

san carlos san diego neighborhood guide

San Carlos is one of the suburbs located in East San Diego County and consists mainly of single-family homes and recreation areas. Families are drawn to the area for its affordable housing, beautiful rolling hills scenery, the closeness to shopping and restaurants, the low criminal activitiy neighborhoods and of course, for the high ranked schools. Many families move from metro San Diego to San Carlos for larger houses to live in, homes with yards, and the suburb experience.

Neighborhood Safety in San Carlos, San Diego

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San Carlos has some of the lowest crime rates in San Diego. In the past month, they have only had a few records of crimes taking place in the area. The most common crime seemed to be theft. San Carlos scored an A- score for crime on Crime in San Carlos is almost half as much as the San Diego average. San Carlos scored 1,406 accounts of crime per 100,000 people while San Diego scored 2,402 for 100,000 people.

San Carlos Schools

Some of the top-ranked schools according to includes Hearst Elementary School, Marvin Elementary School, Tierrasanta Elementary School, and College Preparatory Middle School, all ranked with a 10/10. Other Schools in the San Carlos area include Helix High School, Green Elementary School, and Patrick Henry High School each ranked with a 9/10 score. If you are looking for a neighborhood to raise a family in for the amazing public education, San Carlos is the San Diego neighborhood for you.

Community Activities in San Carlos

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The San Carlos Recreation center has tons of activities for community members to participate in. In addition, it also has different youth programs for your kids like basketball, volleyball, flag football, gymnastics, ballet and even skills classes. During school breaks, they offer different camps for kids to attend. Both Lake Murray and Mission Trails have events going on all year long including guided trail tours, 4th of July Fireworks, nature walks and more. Visit the recreation center website to find out more about different youth programs in San Carlos as well as events going on at Mission Trails.

San Carlos Things to Do

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There’s no shortage of things to do in San Carlos, San Diego. Whether you want child-friendly activities or want a personal escape, there’s something to do for everyone. Start your day off right by taking a run around Lake Murray or climbing to the top of Cowles Mountain. Not into running or hiking? Take a bike ride around Lake Murray, try out rock climbing or mountain biking in Mission Trails, or even spend some time fishing on the lake. San Carlos is also home to Dailard Neighborhood Park, Rancho Mission Canyon, the Mission Trails Golf Course, and the San Carlos Golf Course.

If the outdoors aren’t your thing, you can head over to Grossmont Center just miles away to catch a movie or do a bit of shopping. San Carlos has several shopping areas off of Navajo Road and Lake Murray Blvd. You will never need to drive more than 10 minutes to find a place to shop at or restaurant to eat at. You are also only a twenty minute drive to the beach so if you are moving from a more central location over to San Carlos, you don’t need to worry about having a long drive to the beach or central San Diego locations; they are only a short drive away.

San Carlos Restaurants & Coffee

Some of the resident’s favorite spots to grab a bite includes The Trails Eatery which offers mouthwatering breakfast and brunch options, Tak Grill Fresh Mediterranean Food for Greek and Persian/Iranian food, and Cheers Deli & Liquor for delicious homemade sandwiches. There are plenty of restaurant options in San Carlos that can satisfy every craving. There is a restaurant of every cuisine including Italian, Thai, Mexican and even Sushi. If you want more options, you just need to drive 10 minutes to La Mesa for even more food and shopping options.

san carlos demographics
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San Carlos Demographics

Population (via City-Data): 15,000

Estimated Median House Sales Price in January 2018 (via SDAR): $625,000

Estimated Median Condo/Detached House Value in January 2018 (via SDAR): $323,000

Median Gross Rent 2016 (via City-Data): $1,500


Affordable Real Estate in San Carlos

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Housing in San Carlos, San Diego is relatively affordable when compared to other neighborhoods that draw families in like South Park, North Park, Normal Heights and Point Loma. The median sales price for a single-family home in January of 2018 is $625,000 while the median sales price for condos/townhouses was $323,000. San Carlos has some of the most affordable housing in San Diego. Many families are moving out of the metro area and taking the profit they earned on their just sold home and using that to buy a bigger and more upgraded home in San Carlos.

Although the housing is more affordable in San Carlos, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a smart investment opportunity. San Carlos is a competitive housing market just like the rest of San Diego. Housing prices continue to increase while inventory is also dropping. The competitive market means there will be buyers fighting over your property, ensuring you will make a profit off your home when you or other family members decide to sell the home. You should also consider renting the property out if you don’t want to sell your home when you no longer need it, rental prices in San Carlos are even higher than what your mortgage will be. Since so many people struggle to buy homes, renting out your property is a great investment. If you are interested in buying or selling your home in San Carlos, contact the Wolf Real Estate Team today.

Mission Trails Regional Park San Diego

Things to Do Near Del Cerro & San Carlos: Mission Trails Regional Park

Whether you are looking at Del Cerro or San Carlos real estate or you currently live there, it’s important to know what activities your community offers for you to enjoy in your free time. Mission Trails Regional Park has over 7,000 acres of nature for city dwellers to escape to for hiking, bird watching, photography, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, fishing, educational events for kids, mountain biking and more. It’s a great place to enjoy alone or with the whole family at all times of the year. If you love nature and the outdoors, real estate in Del Cerro and San Carlos might be ideal for you since you will be living so close to the largest municipally owned park in California.

San Diego Hiking Trails

Mission Trails San Diego Del Cerro
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Mission Trails Regional Park features 5 different mountain peaks and over 60 miles of hiking trails. It is also home to the highest peak in San Diego, Cowles Mountain, which is also the most popular trail. From the top of Cowles Mountain, hikers have a 360-degree panoramic view of San Diego County where they can see the ocean, the Coronado Bridge, Mexico, mountain ranges and more. The 4 other peaks include, from tallest peak to shortest, Pyles Peak, North Fortuna, Kwaay Paay, and South Fortuna. Each mountain offers different views and difficulties.

Mission Trails Regional Park currently has a challenge called the 5-Peak Challenge where they encourage hikers to hike each peak, taking a selfie at the top to receive a certificate. Some hikers complete the challenge over the course of a few days while some try to complete it in one day. In addition to these peaks, there are milder hiking trails throughout the park that offer views of the San Diego River, canyon views, wildlife, and history. The different seasons make for unique hikes throughout different times of the year. During springtime, flowers are blooming everywhere throughout the park making for a beautiful springtime experience. Mission Trails has hikes for every level of hiker, whether they are 3 or 95 years old.

Equestrian Trails in San Diego

There are not a lot of places near San Diego where people can ride their horses which makes Mission Trails an ideal spot. At Mission Trails, people from all over San Diego County ride their horses on the equestrian trails. There are two equestrian staging areas, the first being West Sycamore Staging area and the second being East Fortuna Staging Area. The West Sycamore area has hitching posts and over 7 miles of horseback riding trails. The East Fortuna Staging Area has picnic sites, 4 12’ X 12’ horse corrals available and parking for up to 15 vehicles with trailers. If you own a horse and want a beautiful place to go horseback riding near Del Cerro and San Carlos, visit Mission Trails.

San Diego Camping

In addition to hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, Mission Trails Regional Park is also home to the Kumeyaay Lake Campground which is open for camping on Friday and Saturday nights. This is a cheap and close-to-home family getaway you can take year round. There are 46 campsites available and they only cost $24 per night. This is a great place to visit when you want to leave the city life without actually going far.

Mountain Biking

mission trails rock climbing
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Some of the hiking trails in Mission Trails are also friendly for mountain biking! Bikes are permitted on only certain trails but the selection has a large range of distance and incline. For bicyclists who want a challenge, they can bike up the Big Rock Park trail side of Cowles Mountain. The ride up is steep and challenging while the ride down is fast and requires excellent turning skills. For those who like less extreme biking, there are plenty of relatively flat biking trails throughout the park.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Mission Trails is also a hot spot for rock climbing and bouldering. There are over 100 different climbing routes of different difficulties making this a great spot for climbers of all levels. If you have never rock climbed before, there are lots of groups and meetups that offer lessons and tutorials.

Lake Murray Mission Trails Regional Park
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Lake Murray

Firstly, Lake Murray is an extension of Mission Trails Regional Park. It’s a water reservoir and is open for shore and boat fishing. There are small boat and kayak rentals available at the concession stand. There is also a paved road that goes around Lake Murray which runners, walkers, rollerbladers, and bicyclists will find appealing. This is also a great location for having a family picnic or just relaxing next to the water.

Visitor’s Center and Education

In addition to providing tons of outdoor fun, Mission Trails Regional Park also has lots of educational programs including guided trail walks, and summer day camps for kids. Also throughout the park, there are educational signs that teach visitors about the area, plants, history and more. In the visitor’s center, visitors will learn about the park’s history, local animals, and plants. Not only will you get great exercise while visiting Mission Trails, you might learn something new.

Mission Trails Events

Mission Trails hosts events in the visitor’s center and at various locations throughout the park like the amphitheater. They have rooms, the theatre, and amphitheater available to be rented for events. Other events include guided nature walks, family discovery walks, mountain biking with a ranger, wildlife tracking walk, and stargazing. There is always a new event happening somewhere throughout the park on the weekend.

Love Mission Trails? Move to the Area

Mission Trails is a treasure of San Diego and some people choose to move closer to it to visit it more often. Homeowners in Del Cerro and San Carlos regularly visit Mission Trails. If you are looking for a home for sale in Del Cerro or San Carlos, contact Mike & Jessica Wolf today for San Diego local realtors you can trust. We can help you sell your home in San Carlos and Del Cerro or help you upgrade to your new family home. Contact us today by calling 858-722-6847 or filling out our online contact form today. We will help you buy your dream home!