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2020 Resolutions: Buying a Home

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We’ve finally made it to 2020! Even if resolutions aren’t your style, you may find yourself setting attainable goals for this upcoming year. We’ve got some tips on how to make homeownership a reality if buying is on this year’s checklist.


Getting your finances in order should be a top priority. Identifying where much of your money is spent sounds like a no brainer, but if you aren’t tracking your numbers it’s easy to overspend. Creating a simple spreadsheet either with Excel or Google Spreadsheets is a great start. There are also mobile apps such as Mint that automatically hook to your bank accounts, eliminating the need for manual tracking. Either way, it’s all about what habit will stick for you!

Credit Score

Your credit score is an important factor that will be used to determine how large of a purchase you can finance. The better your credit score the more money you can borrow. Here’s an article on how you can improve your credit score by Experian.


Once you have your finances in order, it’s time to get pre-approved. You’ll want to do this early on in the home buying process to help keep you to a realistic home search. It’s not fun to find your dream home only to have your heart broken because you can’t afford it! And if you do find a great home early on in your search, you’ll be a step ahead of the game to get the ball rolling.

Additional Costs

Yes, there are additional costs to purchasing a home that you’ll need to save for. Other than the purchase price, there are items such as private mortgage insurance, closing costs, and of course property taxes. But don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s all manageable if you plan and stick to your budget.

The Wolf Team

Here’s another step you won’t want to forget…calling a real estate professional. We’d love to hear from you! From getting you connected with a financial planner or loan office to finding the right place to call home, reach us at 858-722-6847 or use our contact form.

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